Lithographie de Shepard Fairey

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Lithographie de Shepard Fairey
  • Lithographie de Shepard Fairey
  • Lithographie de Shepard Fairey
  • Lithographie de Shepard Fairey
  1. |Biographie|



    Shepard Fairey dit Obey est né en 1970 à Charleston aux Etats-Unis.

    Il plonge dans l’univers du graphisme dès l’âge de 14 ans en dessinant des images qui seront floquées sur des t-shirt et des skateboards.
    Influencé par l’œuvre de Andy Warhol ou encore l’artiste russe Alexandre Rodtchenko. 

    A la fin des années 1980, Obey et une bande d'amis de la Rhode Island School of Design créent à partir de la figure du catcheur André the Giant une série de stickers et d'affiches qu'ils collent clandestinement par milliers sur les murs des villes américaines. C'est une des premières et des plus importantes campagnes "virales" de Street Art qui montre la capacité de force de frappe de cette nouvelle forme d'expression clandestine.

    Son travail est devenu mondialement célèbre lors de la campagne présidentielle américaine de 2008, avec la création du poster HOPE de Barack Obama qui deviendra une image-icône de la campagne. L'Institut d'art contemporain de Boston le considère comme un des meilleurs et des plus influents artistes du Street art du moment.

  2. |Interview L.E.A.D|
    Stephen Shames, and his art dealer, Steven Kasher, approached Shepard Fairey earlier this year about creating artworks to support L.E.A.D. Uganda, an educational leadership program founded by Shames that locates vulnerable children with innate talents and molds them into leaders.
    Fairey agreed to create and donate two unique mixed media collages, valued at $12,000 each, and two editions of 450 prints, which sell for $75 each. The collages and prints will be auctioned off on November 12 at the Steven Kasher Gallery, 521 West 23rd Street, New York, along with works by other noted photographers, among them Joyce Tenneson, Dan Winters, Michal Chelbin, and Lynn Bianchi. The Fairey prints are based on Uganda photographs by Stephen Shames. Fairey had previously created a suite of works based on Shames’ iconic portrait of Angela Davis, which is in the National Portrait Gallery.
    "My work is about trying to make striking, provocative images that can lead people to take an interest in social issues that I care about – whether it is what is going on in Darfur or Uganda or any other form of injustice that is happening around the world,” said Shepard Fairey. "When Stephen talked to me about his foundation, I thought this is an incredible mission. If I can help raise money for L.E.A.D. Uganda, and also have the chance to make some beautiful artwork based on Stephen’s compelling photographs – this is a very symbiotic situation.”
    "I have long admired Shepard’s work and commitment to social justice. I am delighted to collaborate with him to help our children,” said Stephen Shames. "I’d like to thank Shepard and all the photographers who donated prints to the auction, for their generosity. Their support makes it possible for L.E.A.D Uganda’s children to attend the best schools, where they earn high marks and gain self-esteem. Our scholars experience the healing and transforming powers of education. They will become leaders in the country they love. They will help Africa and the world.”
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