Toile de MIST

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Toile de MIST
  • Toile de MIST
  • Toile de MIST
  1. |Biographie|
    It is at the end of the 80s when Mist discovers the graffiti along the railroads of the RER (REGIONAL EXPRESS RAIL) by going to his school of graphic art to Paris. Captivated by what he saw, he realizes his graff first one in 1988. His paintings in the slightly acid colors and wildstyle leave nobody indifferent. And very fast we recognize him as being a member of writers most talented and respected by the capital. It is also one of the rarse to excel at the same time at the drawing of characters and at that letters. In 1998 he develops his work of sculpture and realizes his first character in volume.

    In 2001 with his label " Bonustoys " he édits his own toys. It becomes then one of the pioneers of what we call " designer toys ", these small sculptures today in vinyl were produced in edition(publishing) from 100 to 1000 ex. and were sold in toy shops of collection all over the world. The specialists place him in the world top five artists' side as Kaws and Futura. Today, Mist dedicates himself completely to the sculpture and to the painting in his studio in Montpellier where he lives today. His work is inspired by graphic codes of the graffiti and is even well beyond @mist

    Solo Shows

    2015 Solo show, Galerie Wall Works, New York, USA
    2015 Extraball, Galerie Le Feuvre, Paris, France
    2014 Helvet Underground, Galerie Kolly, Zurich, Swiss
    2014 Sketch or die, Galerie At Down, Montpellier, France - courtesy Galerie Le Feuvre
    2013 Son of Actarus, Galerie Le Feuvre, Paris, France
    2012 Melting Spot, Speerstra Gallery, Bursin, Swiss
    2011 Hypothénus, Galerie Le Feuvre, Paris, France
             Mist & Tilt, Secret Fresh Gallery, Manille, Philippines
    2010 Faux Jumeaux with Tilt, Speerstra Gallery, Bursin, Swiss
             Solo show, New Paintings and Sculptures, Galerie Le Feuvre, Paris, France
             Abstact Calligraphy, David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco
             Montana Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium
    2008 Galerie Speerstra, Class 88, Bursin, Swiss
             Montana Gallery, Montpellier, France
    2005 Disrupt Gallery, Chase my Debilz, Auckland, New-Zealand
             Garage Fourcadier, Route 666, Montpellier, France
    2004 Album Comics, Debil Inside, Paris, France
    2002 Centre culturel, Triiad show, Tokyo, Japan
    2000 Triiad, Paris, France
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