Toile de Sonke

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Toile de Sonke
  • Toile de Sonke
  • Toile de Sonke
  • Toile de Sonke
  1. |Expositions|

    Exposition solo


    2013 Love & Death, Gallery Sarri 12, Athens (Greece)

    2012 Sonke in Paris, Paris (France)

         Dark days, Athens (Greece)

    2011 Summer is for lovers, Paros (Greece)

    2010 Poor lovers, Hoxton, Athens (Greece)



    Expositions collectives


    2015 National Helenic museum,New york(USA)       


    Gallery Sarri 12 Athens fresko exhibition


    2014 1984 Exhibition Sonke, Dimitris Ntokos, Tassos Bouras


         Tio Ilar 2014, Athens (Greece)


         Gallery Nadege de Bryas, Paris (France)


         International Contemporary Art Exhibition Istanbul 


         Red Cross Exhibition, Paris         



    2013 Gallery Potnia Thiron, Athens (Greece)         


         Hilger Gallery, Cash, Cans and Candies, Vienna (Austria)


         Tio Ilar 2013, Athens (Greece)


    2012 Silence is Violence, Brussels (Belgium)


         Produckt, Antwerpen (Belgium)


         Tio Ilar 2012, Athens (Greece)


         Art is Hard, Athens (Greece)


         Instruction Campen gallery,Malgashot (Italy)


         Collingwood Gallery (Australia)


    2011 Urban Stroke Art Fair, Munich(Germany)


        Group- in-Fusion. Supervision Michael Anderson,Theofrastos       Charitos and Marianna Pannagiotoudi, Athens(Greece)


        Art Athina, International Modern Art Meeting,Athens(Greece)


        Bilbao, Gallery Stigma, Athens (Greece)


        Alex in Wonderland, Gallery Cube, Patras (Greece)


        Indeep Festival, Athens (Greece)


        Design Lab, Technopolis, Athens (Greece)


    2010 7ply Exhibition, Technopolis, Athens (Greece)


    2009 7ply Exhibition, Technopolis, Athens (Greece)

  2. |Vidéo|